2018 Tommy Bolin Music Festival Button

The 2018 Tommy Bolin Music Festival is almost here. Held each August in Tommy’s hometown of Sioux City, Iowa, the Tommy Bolin Music Festival, or “Bolinfest” as called by the worldwide legions of fans, is the ultimate Tommy Bolin event. This year’s featured performers include rock ‘n’ roll icons Joe Vitale, Kenny Passarelli and Stanley Sheldon, blues guitarist Eddie “Devil Boy” Turner, Tommy Bolin’s Dreamers, Bobbby Berge, Johnnie Bolin, Craig Erickson Project, BMAF, Dean Christopher, King George, Top Down and Perfect Streangers.

The event is being held on Saturday, Aug. 4 at the Ickey Nickel in Sioux City, Iowa. Buttons are $10 plus shipping and serve as your ticket to the event.

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